NBC’s New GRIMM Looks Great Halloween Weekend Fun!

NBC’s brand new fantasy-horror movie influenced police drama, GRIMM sure looks like great fun. While the show is intended to somewhat be NBC’s answer to darker cable TV entries such as THE WALKING DEAD, the show should provide some great Friday night fun by being the most unusual police drama the network has ever aired. Based somewhat off the Brothers Grimm fairy tales, the show uses some very impressive special effects, makeup, and twisted story-lines to capture audience attention.

Set in Portland, Oregon, with the cooperation of the Portland Police, the show follows the adventure of the last Grimm family decedent who works as a homicide detective who is able to see people as beasts or monsters. It’s a very unusual script, but a fascinating little show. While I like the show personally, I’m not sure whether the show will click with audiences and may become a fast cancellation. So enjoy this new show while it’s around. It premieres on Friday October 28, for the Halloween weekend.

GRIMM promises to be perhaps the darkest Friday night network TV entry since FOX’s critically acclaimed MILLENNIUM. You ought to give this new show a try. It’s a perfect Halloween weekend type of show for sure, as NBC airs some special Halloween-themed episodes this week.

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