Anderson Cooper Takes on Courtney Stodden Haters (Video)

courtney stodden pumpkin patch

As we have already reported, a bunch of Courtney Stodden haters got the multi-talented 17-year-old teen bride and her husband, 51-year-old Doug Hutchison kicked out of a pumpkin patch yesterday. The owners of the pumpkin patch reportedly got numerous complaints from parents with little kids picking out pumpkins about the PDA between Stodden and Hutchison as well as her skimpy outfit and the fact they just happened tr run into a professional photographer there who just happened to take a bunch of pictures of them doing whatever it is they do to keep themselves in the tabloids.

What do these family-types think a pumpkin patch is for? Duh!

Now CNN host Anderson Cooper is coming out against the Courtney Stodden haters. Its about time someone came out in support of the much maligned contorting face-eating Courtney Stodden and her prop-husband. Okay, he’s not really defending her as much as he’s out-and-out mocking the little sex-pot. Check it out in the video below. Its hilarious.

See more Courtney Stodden photos.

Anderson Cooper Takes on Courtney Stodden Haters – Video

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