Rihanna’s One Woman Sex Shop Sprees

Singer Rihanna likes sex shops. Really likes sex shops. Her latest shopping spree in Paris at a sex shop called The Lovestore left the shopkeeper with an extra $1500, after she bought up handcuffs, lingerie, sex toys and an erotic picture book. In Sydney, Australia, Rihanna was able to convince the owners of the business to close especially for her so that she could privately shop. Yeah, who wants to stand in that 10 customer deep line at some sex emporium just waiting to purchase that latest Doc Johnson sex device. Genitals shouldn’t be forced to wait that long. That’s just not right.

BTW, the Australian store was named The Tool Shed. Yet, there’s not a hammer in the house. Further, they don’t sell screwdrivers either. Although, what they sell can be used for screws.

Rihanna’s latest album is entitled S&M, so you can pretty well judge what sort of hobbies preoccupy her spare time. She made sure to flash photographer’s a lusty little smile on her way out of The Tool Shed. Obviously, a very satisfied shopper, who will be very busy with some projects now that she has many new supplies. That ought to keep her busy for a while.

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