Kevin Liverpool Pleas Not Guilty to Joss Stone Murder Plot

Joss Stone

Kevin Liverpool, 34-years-old and Junior Bradshaw were arrested a few months ago in what appeared to be a murder plot against singer Joss Stone. The two men were caught near Stone’s secluded house with a samurai sword, rope, a body bag and aerial photos of Joss Stone’s house. Apparently they were just sight-seeing because Liverpool has entered a plea of not guilty to charges that he and Bradshaw were plotting to kidnap and murder the British singer.

In spite of the not guilty plea, both Kevin Liverpool and Junior Bradshaw have been ordered detained until their trial next August.

Considering the amount of evidence gathered at the time of their arrest, it seems reasonable that they will be detained. I mean, a BODY BAG? Not to mention on of them is named ‘Junior’.

Junior Bradshaw hasn’t entered a plea as of yet. Both men remain in custody pending their trial. Meanwhile, Grammy winner Joss Stone says she is doing fine in spite of this bizarre alleged plot.

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