Oh Horrors!: The Great Hammer Films TV Pilot You Never Saw

The British masters of horror movies, Hammer Film Productions, produced a rare unsold TV pilot in 1958 called TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN. It was a great half hour horror film of true Hammer quality, yet no network wanted to purchase the series. The story was indeed a horrifying mix of grave robbing and the creation of a truly horrifying looking Frankenstein. Actor Don Megowan stood six foot six, and made for a intimidating presence in his Frankenstein makeup and boots. He made for a very good Frankenstein’s monster, perhaps one of the best since either Boris Karloff or Glen Strange.

Network TV executives might have been skittish about the violence and dark themes in Hammer’s TV pilot, but it was far better than some TV shows which were actually sold and aired. TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN was a real classic that never saw the light of day. Fortunately, in recent years this rare pilot has now made it on to some DVDs. Get a copy if you can.

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