Wild Style: Mattel’s New Tattoo Barbie

Unbelievably, Mattel has now released an outrageous new bad girl Barbie doll with plenty of body ink and a pink bobbed haircut and a nice skull and crossbones styled off the shoulder t-shirt. The new Barbie is just fine for adult collectors, but likely not what many parents would want to give their six year old daughters. Not every parent would want their daughter grow up to be this girl. In fact, she looks like she might even be serious competition for Kat Von D, with all her body ink. The new Barbie looks like a real trouble, bad girl type.

Mattel struck a limited exclusive partnership with the Japanese company Tokidoki, to bring out this edgy holiday special edition Barbie. It sells for $50 on the Tokidoki website, and the new Barbie even includes one of the signature Tokidoki pets with the new doll as well. The new tramp stamped Barbie is certainly unique to say the least.

While not everyone is happy about the new Barbie, Ken is no doubt all smiles. How can he not score with a girl that looks like this on his next date? All kidding aside, the new Barbie sets a whole new style of fashion awareness for the doll. It’s both unique and very collectable.

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