CBS Really Really Cancels HOW TO BE A GENTLEMAN

Okay, now CBS is serious. The new failed comedy, HOW TO BE A GENTLEMAN, is really really canceled now. No deposit. No return. First CBS decided to pull the show after it drew horrid ratings following the wildly successful BIG BANG THEORY on Thursdays after the audience steeply fell in it’s second week. The show got stuck over on Trash Can Saturday, where networks air new episodes they already bought of programs that failed. But, guess what, audiences hated this show so much this past Saturday, that now it got pulled from that horrid spot. Now, the show gets sent to Canceled TV Show Hell, where bad TV shows don’t get aired at all and the shows just spend all eternity gnashing their teeth in this Gehenna of nothingness.

Getting stuffed into this eternal darkness seems like one heck of a fate. But, then again some shows are so bad that they deserve this fate. I was just one of a handful of unlucky persons to watch this horrible show last week. And let me say this about that. HOW TO BE A GENTLEMAN was so bad that it took away 30 minutes from life that I’ll never ever get back. That’s not right. This show deserves this fate. What was CBS ever thinking to air this crap in the first place?

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