AMERICAN PIE Back For Another Slice

The AMERICAN PIE series will be back for another slice on April 6, 2012 with AMERICAN REUNION, which follows the modern day saga of the kids from the series all grown up and married. This time Jonathan Biggs is helping to produce the latest film, in which he is now married to the Alyson Hannigan’s character Michelle Flaherty. The couple has a two year old son in the new movie’s script as well.

What will make this new slice of the AMERICAN PIE saga so great is that all of the main actors agreed to return for this new film including Eugene Levy, Seann William Scott, and even Shannon Elizabeth makes a return.

You can expect the new movie to be both warm and romantic at moments, and laughable and raunchy at other moments. Otherwise, you can expect another AMERICA PIE classic here. Look forward to this one.

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