Shia LeBeouf Beaten Up In Canada

Maybe he wasn’t a fan of the last TRANSFORMERS movie or something, but a shirtless man who looked straight from the central casting of every episode of COPS ever made, beat the holy living tar out of actor Shia LeBeouf outside a Vancouver, B.C. bar recently. TMZ is even running a video that someone shot of the assault with a cellphone. After Shia LeBeouf clearly was the loser in the altercation, he apparently wanted a rematch with his opponent, but the actor was wisely held back by someone. Thank God for someone with a cooler head here.

Shia had been a regular at the bar the last few days while filming THE COMPANY YOU KEEP in Vancouver. But rumor has it the actor is prone to running off his mouth at the wrong time and getting himself into some trouble. When you that, then Shia happens.

BTW, Robert Redford is directing this new film, so expect it to be good. However, actors with a black eye or broken nose aren’t generally good for business, so Shia LeBeouf needs to cool it and watch himself, at least until this film is in the can.

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