Major League WTF?: This Politician Paid $140 For Gay Sex, But All He Got Was This Lousy Sex Scandal

What do you get when you mix a politician and Craigslist……well a brand new sex scandal it seems. In Indiana’s state legislature, Rep. Phillip Hinkle,64, has made a real career out of soapboxing his Christian faith, helping to write and promote legislation to put “In God We Trust” on the state’s license plates as well as sponsoring antiGay legislation. But it all turns out to be clever window dressing to hide a sexual interest in young African American boys. It seems that Hinkle hired young, 18 year old. Kameryn Gibson aka DuJuan Diamond from a Craigslist ad for a sexual encounter in a hotel room, but Gibson got creeped out when Hinkle told Gibson he was a politician and then dropped his towel and exposed himself and grabbed Gibson’s rear end in a desperate gesture. It had to be a lovely scene.

Gibson was so creeped out by Hinkle’s pervo behavior that he ran in the hotel room’s bathroom and called his sister for help to leave. It was eerily similar to that creepy moment in Charlie Sheen’s hotel room when a porn star had to call for help to leave. That must be normal prodigals for persons hired for sex. You run to the bathroom and call for help from the weirdo pervs.

So far Hinkle refuses to resign his office. Maybe there’s a lot of registered sex offenders and pervs in his district who support him or something. None of this is good news to Indiana state Republican leadership who just hate the embarrassment that Hinkle is causing them. He’s their equivalent of Democrats Anthony Weiner or David Wu, both of which finally resigned their offices after intense party pressure. Hinkle is a problem that just won’t go away without being forced to do so. For his part, Hinkle continues to lie about the whole incident, claiming that the whole event is some sort of “shakedown”. Yeah, I guess that some folks wanted Hinkle out so bad that they called up a gay escort, put Hinkle in a hotel room naked and forced him to do some gay grab ass stuff.

But things couldn’t be much better for Gibson who is now a celebrity and has signed a new lucrative contract with a gay modeling website thanks to the publicity surrounding the scandal.

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