Jennifer Grey’s Life Forever Changed By 1987 Auto Crash

Right after filming for the smash hit movie, DIRTY DANCING, young actress Jennifer Grey had a fling with young actor Matthew Broderick. On what was supposed to be a delightful holiday in Ireland, the couple was involved in a very serious fatal head-on car accident for which driver Matthew Broderick was fined $175 for careless driving. Jennifer Grey suffered severe whiplash which has resulted in a lifetime of pain. Her serious neck pain issues made her 2010 appearance in DANCING WITH THE STARS so surprising, However, after she won top honors on the show, she required more surgery to deal with a bout of thyroid cancer.

Matthew Broderick had faced up to five years in prison for causing the death of a mother and daughter, when he veered his rented BMW into the wrong lane of traffic. He had extensive injuries as well from the crash, and spent four weeks in A Belfast hospital.

Today, Jennifer Grey is a celebrity sponsor for Partners Against Pain, offering advice and help for sufferers of chronic pain.

Despite her serious lifetime chronic pain issues, Jennifer Grey has been able to star in a new production almost every year since this serious 1987 accident. That’s impressive, and should act as a serious incentive for anyone suffering from chronic pain issues.

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  • Anonymous

    FYI, Partners Against Pain, is owned and operated by Purdue, the fine makers of MS Contin, OxyContin and a bevy of pain products AS WELL AS Senekot and Colace for when they constipate you.