Dan Walden Dead: IndyCar Crash Tragedy at Las Vegas Motor Speedway (Photo, Video)

Dan Walden is dead after sustaining ‘unsurvivable injuries’ in the IndyCar crash tragedy at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway today. You can read more about it and see a photo and a video of the crash below.

Dan Wheldon with wife Susie Behm and sons Sebastian and Oliver

Dan Wheldon with wife Susie Behm and sons Sebastian and Oliver

The IndyCar series finale ended in tragedy today when Dan Walden, 33-years-old, was killed in a 15-car crash on Lap 12 at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The 2-time 2011 Indianapolis 500 winner and fan favorite was airlifted to University Medical Center in Las Vegas as other drivers involved in the crash were treated at the scene.

Walden’s car went airborne and flipped over when he crashed into the horrific fiery scene on the speedway, ultimately crashing into the ‘catch fence’.

After a two-hour red-flag delay the race was ended with the announcement that Dan Walden had died from his injuries.

The other drivers returned to the field for a 5-lap tribute to an Walden, most in tears.

British driver Dan Welden lived in St. Petersburg, Florida. He leaves behind his wife Susie Behm, and their two young sons, Sebastian, 2-years-old, and Oliver, 7-months-old.

Read more about his career here.

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  • Oh for Christs sake, who writes these posts?  The man’s name is Dan Wheldon. Not Walden or Weldon. You spelled it THREE DIFFERENT WAYs in the same article!
    I understand that for such a silly page we shouldn’t expect more than the absurd 3rd grade grammar that typifies Pop, but for God’s sake the man is dead, the least you could do is spend 5 seconds to get his name right.