‘The Walking Dead’: Season 2 Premiere Trailer (Video)

‘The Walking Dead’ are back, just in time for Halloween! The AMC Zombie Apocalypse series has released the season 2 premier trailer which you can watch below.

The Walking Dead

The survivors are split. They are leaving Atlanta behind because Atlanta is dead after the Center for Disease Control explodes at the end of the first season They are heading to Ft. Benning and it’s a rough road. Well, staying was rough too. Either way its rough to be a survivor in the Zombie Apocalypse.

Even watching the trailer made my heart beat a little faster. After their RV breaks down and they are working their way through an expressway full of cars they get over-taken by a swarm of ‘The Walking Dead’ and I found myself thinking, ‘Please don’t get the little girl hiding under the RV!!!!’ Of course, whether or not they did and what happens to her is not answered in the trailer. You have to watch the show, Dweeb!

The second season of ‘The Walking Dead’ starts tonight at 9 pm (ET), 8 pm (CT) on AMC. We are promised a great new season of horror with introductions to new characters and a more intelligent show in the zombie fighting horror genre.


‘The Walking Dead’: Season 2 Premiere Trailer – Video

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