Facebook Offers Apology To Courtney Stodden

Facebook has taken an unprecedented action by issuing an apology to Courtney Stodden and putting her Facebook page back up. Facebook first pulled down her page claiming that it violated their policy rules by being too sexy. And likely Facebook was very concerned that Courtney Stodden is just 17 years old as well. Likely some lawyer for the company informed them that although she under the age of 18, she is not nude or in violation of some federal law. As long as nothing indecent or illegal was placed on the site, Facebook likely had overstepped their own policy rules and had little choice but put the page back up. Being a popular celebrity probably helped Courtney Stodden win her fight with Facebook here as well. Her Facebook page is listed as “Court Stodden”.

Courtney’s mom was pretty sore at Facebook as well over the matter. But latest reports are that young Courtney is thrilled to have access to Facebook back again. And as long as she doesn’t post something over the top, the hot celebrity is probably back on Facebook to stay.

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