2011’s Most Outrageous Sex Scene

Former Lovers Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake starred in what had to the funniest sex scene of 2011 in BAD TEACHER. The 2 minute long absurd dry hump sex scene is much like a parody of every adult DVD ever made, except laughably recreated fully clothed. Cameron Diaz played this scene expertly with great silly facial expressions while Justin Timberlake’s silly dialog helps to cement this as one of the greatest comic moments in cinema of 2011. For a last blast of comedy, the camera then noticeably focuses on a wet spot on Justin Timberlake’s pants after he is supposed to orgasm. It’s an unbelievably outrageous bit of comedy sex, and a true classic scene.

In case you missed BAD TEACHER at the theaters, then look for the DVD release on Oct 18. My hunch is that an unrated version with a little more raunchy might be available as well. But, for an R rating, BAD TEACHER did just about as raunchy and funny as they could. It’s a great funny movie.


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