Whitney Houston Causes Trouble on Delta Flight for Refusing to Buckle Her Seat Belt

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston may be clean and sober at this point, but that doesn’t mean she can’t still make headlines with some crazy diva behavior. Take her situation yesterday on a Delta flight from Atlanta to Detroit. She refused to buckle her seat belt and almost got kicked off the flight.

TMZ reports that she pitched a diva-like fit when a flight attendant asked her to buckle her seat belt. Another flight attendant came along and told her if she didn’t get off her phone and buckle her seat belt she would get booted off the flight.

Eventually she allowed one of the crew members to buckle her seat belt for her so the flight could take off. I imagine all the passengers crammed together in coach were wondering what on earth was delaying take-off. Little did they know it was a ‘star’ Whitney Houston refusing to buckle her seat belt.

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