Major League WTF?: Fake Breast Exam Doctor Strikes Plea Deal

When it rains it pours, it seems. But the WTFers are at it again. This time it appears that a 81 year old Florida sexual pervert, Phillip Winikoff, came up with a scam to feel up some young women by posing as doctor from some sort of women’s health service that offered free breast examinations. Two women in an apartment building fell for his scam and let him in, but then the exam quickly turned creepy as Winikoff put his hand down their pants so he could feel their vaginas as well. The women called the police, and Winikoff was arrested.

Winikoff carried a black doctor’s bag with him, which helped with his disguise as a phony doctor.

Prosecutors could have put Winikoff in prison for up to 45 years, however he was able to strike a plea for a lesser sentence, probably because he was able to scam women into giving him consent to fondle them, meaning his lewd acts weren’t considered forcible conduct like some sex offenders. Surprisingly, one reporter for Cafe Mom, Lindsay Mannering offered up her opinion that Winikoff shouldn’t get any jail time, despite being a sexual pervert, because he obtained the consent of the women to fondle them. I disagree here. What Winikoff did was wrong, he falsely impersonated a doctor, and the situations could have turned out worse than they did. Right now, two women probably just embarrassed that they were scammed by an elderly pervert into copping a little feel.

This is only the most recent fake doctor story in the news. A few weeks ago some wacky high school student put on a medical smock and visited patients at some hospital of all things, before being arrested.

Regardless of everything, it’s just another wacky and bizarre story from the world of WTFdom. But, I’m just waiting for the day when some victim of some phony doctor, might recognize that indeed the doctor was a fake, but he strangely turned out to be the best doctor they ever had. That will be a whole other WTF story right there!

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  • Wouldn’t it be ironic if the fake doctor’s victims had fake breasts?