Ashton Kutcher’s Mistress Goes Public

Sara Leal, the beautiful 23 year blond mistress of TWO AND HALF MEN star Ashton Kutcher is now granting interviews and going public with the details of her affair with the 33 year old actor who is the husband of actress Demi Moore. According to Leal, she had unprotected sex twice with the actor the night of the infamous naked hot tub party on what was supposed to be the sixth wedding anniversary of Kutcher and Moore.

Besides sex, Ashton Kutcher and Sara Leal both talked about politics, where both are Democratic Party leaning in their politics. Demi Moore by comparison tends to lean Republican like her former lover, Bruce Willis.

Apparently, Sara Leal now realizes that huge profits can be made by going “kiss and tell”, where US Magazine and other sources will no doubt profit handsomely from this latest scandal to rock the TWO AND A HALF MEN show. STAR Magazine has a picture of Sara Leal taking a hit off a bong they’re running. Right now, the sex scandal girl is a hot commodity.

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  • Well that didn’t take long. Have an affair with a star or politician, write a book about it and get rich (at least for the moment). I think this is where the saying about 15-minutes of fame came from.