Melanie Griffith to Make a TV Comeback

Melanie Griffith

Melanie Griffith to make TV comeback!
Sometimes we forget that Melanie Griffith was a great actress and star before she got sucked into a vortex of plastic surgery and addiction to pain medications. But now she seems to be coming out of that stage in her career, even letting herself age and look more natural. Now she is making a comeback in a TV comeback. She is set to be starring in a Television pilot as the matriarch in a dysfunctional family.

Her husband Antonia Banderas is singing her praises:

It’s a comedy about a dysfunctional family and a woman of her age with grown kids and her husband wants to be a politician. The studio loves it so we hope we are going to make the pilot the end of November.

As well he should be after his flirtatiousness with Selma Hayek a month ago (just saying!).

In spite of prescription drug addiction and excessive plastic surgery, we still love Melanie Griffith. It’ll be good to see her playing someone her own age and accepting aging (seeing as the only alternatives are death or looking like you have been embalmed).

We’ll be looking forward to Melanie Griffith making a TV comeback. We really hope it works out for her.Melanie Griffith

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