Major League WTF?: Top CDC Scientist Arrested On Outrageous Sex Charges

File this under sick sick sick, but Dr. Kimberly Lindsey, 44, an attractive and award winning highly acclaimed scientist for the Atlanta-based Center For Disease Control, noted for her work on bio-terrorism preparedness and HIV/AIDS prevention has been arrested on extremely bizarre and twisted sex crime charges in Georgia. Her 42 year old night-watchman boyfriend, Thomas Westerman, was also arrested. The charges include bestiality and child sex abuse.

Apparently, the distinguished doctor was photographed by her boyfriend while performing lewd sex acts on two of her house pets of all sick things. And the sex charges also include the doctor having a six year boy give her bare bottom spankings and then use an electronic sex toy on her. Gez, this isn’t sex. This is a sick three ring circus act.

Besides being extremely wrong and psychiatrically disturbed, sex acts on animals can carry a significant probability of life threatening serious diseases such as E Coli or other diseases. You’d think this CDC researcher would have a clue about little details like that. Bestiality is also so wrong that it’s a historic taboo that dates back to the Bible itself. Normal people just don’t do stuff like this, let alone someone supposedly as intelligent as this doctor is supposed to be. This is true mental illness stuff.

Neighbors of the couple were interviewed by Atlanta news reporters, and claim that they don’t believe the charges, and have high regard for the couple. Both were considered to be model neighbors. Yet, the physical evidence clearly shows both were as sexually perverted and twisted as they come. Some medical professional tipped off the police about couple’s sick sex acts.

Simply unbelievable! And certainly another major contender twisted true story for the Major League WTF playoffs and Major League WTF World Series Later this year.

Let’s only pray that Dr. Lindsey gets some serious professional psychiatric help while in prison.

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