Celebrity Skin: Elvira (Cassandra Peterson) – Halloween Edition

(Warning Explicit Nudity) Cassandra Peterson is one of the most beloved of all comic personalities with her outlandish Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark character. But underneath that outlandish wig and makeup is a beautiful(and well developed) woman who just turned 60 this September. Cassandra started work as a former showgirl at the Dunes Casino, and soon found her way into some movies such as the James Bond film, DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER. Before she was discovered as a very talented comic actress she even did some photo shoots to become a men’s magazine model, which included some explicit nudity.

As was the custom of most men’s magazines of the 70’s up until part of the 1980’s, women’s most private parts were mostly displayed natural in those days, compared to nowadays where a trimmed or shaven look is the most common for models as well as for adult film stars. HIGH SOCIETY Magazine was able to find one these old full nudity photo shoots of Cassandra Peterson. This is more explicit than most of our features here at Wizbang Pop, yet this is historically significant work of this great comic actress who later became so famous. Few major actors did such explicit work early in their careers as this.

If you want to see more photos from these old Cassandra Peterson photo shoots, HIGH SOCIETY Magazine now owns the rights and you may purchase back copies from them or you can check out their Website for more information. HIGH SOCIETY is unique among the men’s magazine market as they specialize in celebrity nudity features and even offer a number of special editions of their magazine with all celebrity issues. Ebay is another good source for out of print issues of this magazine.

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