P!nk’s Film Debut… As a Sex Addict


P!nk made bold statements long before Lady Gaga entered the scene, especially with her songs “Dear Mr. President” and “Stupid Girls.” It doesn’t come as much of a shock that the 32-year-old mother is making waves with her new acting role: a sex addict named Dede.

“Thanks for Sharing” is about three unlikely friends who share the desire to recover from sex addictions. The film is slated to arrive in theaters in 2012 and has an all-star cast, including Gwyneth Paltrow and Mark Ruffalo.

In recent years, sex addiction has become almost a trend amongst celebrities, most famously being that of Tiger Woods, so it was only a matter of time before a film like this was made. At least we can be happy that it is not based on the escapades of Woods or even those of Charlie Sheen. No one wants to watch that – we saw them enough in the tabloids.

We can’t help but wonder how Hollywood is going to portray this one. Will it carry a similar plot to the 2008 film “Choke,” which chronicles a man with a sex addiction he doesn’t want to overcome? Or will it be Hollywood’s attempt at “getting it right,” showing characters attending Sex Addicts Anonymous? (Yes, that really exists).

P!nk leaves behind her singing alias and acts under her given name, Alecia Moore. With only a few cameo roles under her belt, writer/director Stuart Blumberg had nothing but praises for the singer.

“Alecia could not be a more ideal fit for this role,” Blumberg said. “She carries with her just the right combination of heart and edginess for the part of Dede, and we’re incredibly excited to share her acting talent with audiences.”

As long as you don’t cringe at the idea of watching a movie about sex addicts, this one sounds pretty interesting. I think P!nk will do well in this role too, as long as motherhood hasn’t softened her up too much. And I’m guessing that it will be many years before little Willow Sage will be allowed to see mommy on the big screen.

This guest post is by Edwin, an author for USDish. You can follow him on Twitter: @TheCelebutaunt.

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