Paul McCartney Gets Married Again

After his horrible marriage to former model Heather Mills ended in divorce after just four years, Paul McCartney decided to give love one more try and married 51 year old Nancy Shevall this weekend. Paul McCartney’s first wife, Linda Eastman, died of cancer. McCartney’s friend, Piers Morgan suggested that McCartney and Heather Mills should date, and took hit it off for finally married. But, the relationship soon turned very bitter. Piers Morgan has since regretted bring these two together.

Nancy Shevall is the vice president of New England Motor Freight, a trucking company as well as a board member of the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority. She is Jewish, so Paul McCartney reportedly attend services at a Synagogue the day before the marriage out of respect for her family background.

Of all of his relationships in his lifetime, he spent the longest time with Linda Eastman, 30 years. Paul McCartney probably would have spent his entire life with her if she wouldn’t have died of breast cancer. Hopefully, Nancy Shevall and Paul McCartney have a very happy life together. For all of the great romantic times that Paul McCartney brought to millions with his wonderful love songs he wrote, he deserves to have a little love in his own life as well. The death of Linda Eastman and his unhappy marriage to Heather Mills brought him so much sorrow.

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