Demi Moore Contacts Divorce Attorney

Following the sex scandal involving her young husband, Ashton Kutcher, 33, Actress Demi Moore, 48, has reportedly contacted a divorce attorney. It appears that the marriage of the two appears now be toast after Kutcher was reported to have been involved a naked hot tub sex romp with as many as four girls. Other sources such as IN TOUCH Magazine even claims that Ashton Kutcher may have gotten his 23 year old mistress, Sara Leal pregnant. Some sources claim that he may have broken up with her after this news broke.

This nude hot tub sex party apparently took place on what was supposed to be the sixth wedding anniversary of Demi Moore ans Ashton Kutcher. You know that’s not good.

The producers of TWO AND HALF MEN probably couldn’t be much happier than having fresh scandal problems with their new star who was supposed to replace the scandal plagued Charlie Sheen. I bet they can’t wait for this latest crap to die down. But, with a possible pending divorce now looming, that’s not likely to happen any time real soon.

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