S.F. Major Adult Retailer’s Charity Efforts For A Breast Cancer Cure

A major San Francisco based adult retailer, Good Vibrations is helping to fight breast cancer with their own Pink Campaign where they are donating 10% of the sale price of a number of products towards finding a cure to the too often fatal illness. Good Vibrations is also encouraging other major adult product retailers to also join their effort to finding a cure.

The company is well known for it’s more upscale approach to adult retailing, offering up high quality sex toys, books and DVDs. The company aims for making it’s five retail business locations far more friendly to women by being very clean, well lit and offering an enjoyable shopping experience similar to a quality department store.

Even the store’s DVD selection is far better chosen than your typical adult retailer as well, with fine selections from adult performer Nina Hartley who is also an R.N. as well. Nina Hartley has DVD guides for topics such as having multiple orgasms, and even one for playful spanking among lovers. Good Vibrations sells a harmless soft flogger with soft rose buds on the end for this sort of bedroom fun as well as many more soft and harmless bondage toys in addition to your more traditional vibrators and sex toys.

Good Vibrations has a very nice website as well, where many of their fine quality products may be purchased Online. The website just doesn’t come across as sleazy like some adult websites, with a clean and upscale look. This company aims to be a class act to help the customer have better down and dirty times in the bedroom. Nothing wrong with that. The company has four California and one Massachusetts retail store location they operate.

Given Good Vibrations generous support for breast cancer research, it might just be said that the company loves breasts. Really loves breasts.

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