Ashton Kutcher May Be Expecting Love Child With Mistress

IN TOUCH Magazine is going to run a new claim in their upcoming issue that Ashton Kutcher has gotten his 23 year old mistress Sara Leal pregnant and is expecting a love child. However, it is claimed that he broke after his relationship with her after she broke the news to him. It’s only the latest outrageous news to rock the new star of TWO AND A HALF MEN who was supposed to offer up less problems for the show than Charlie Sheen delivered.

IN TOUCH also claims that all of this stress over her deteriorating marriage to Ashton Kutcher has resulted in a huge weight loss, where she’s become very skinny. However, there could be another reason for all that weight loss as PEREZ HILTON is now suggesting that Demi Moore has fallen back into addiction problems, creating so much of the problems for the marriage.

For his part, Ashton Kutcher seems to attempting in ignore all of this sex scandal news by instead using Twitter to post some comments about his sadness over the death of Steve Jobs.

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