Rita Daniels and Tim Adams Busted for Senior Hook-Up in Car Back-Seat (Photos)

If the Buick’s rockin’, don’t come knockin’. Rita Daniels and Tim Adams got busted for having a senior hook-up in the back-seat of Daniel’s 2002 Buick. Read more about it and see their mugshot photos below.

Tim Adams, Rita Daniels

Rita Daniels, Tim Adams Mugshots

You are probably wondering what’s so odd about a couple having sex in the back-seat of a car. The thing is, Rita Daniels is 71-years-old and her partner in love and jail (for one night at least) is Tim Adams who is 54-years-old.

The couple got busted when they were doing the nasty in the back seat of her car in parking lot outside a family restaurant (in full view of the restaurant’s patrons) in Farmington, Michigan. They were doing it right outside the restaurant. You can see the Google street view of the location here.

I guess it was true love when they met in a bar a few hours earlier because they were both dog drunk and didn’t bother to learn each others names before they headed to her car to get to know each other better. When the police showed up and opened the door to the rocking car with the fogged up windows Sherlock Holmes asked the couple what they were doing. Adams replied, ‘I’m f**king this chick’, stating the obvious and referring to his 71-year-old partner Rita Daniels. Rita looks pretty happy in that mugshot doesn’t she?

Maybe next time they’ll get a hotel, if they’re sober enough.

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