After posting even worse ratings last night, NBC finally decided to cancel THE PLAYBOY CLUB, scrapping plans to allow the ratings troubled series to build an audience. Last night, a mere 3.4 million viewers even bothered to watch the show, which only continued the week by week slide for the show. Likely the remaining episodes will be dumped on to Saturday night’s schedule until the series is all played out. Reruns of some police drama are likely to fill the Monday night slot until a new newsmagazine show hosted by Brian Williams takes over the 10pm slot.

Such low ratings just couldn’t justify the price that advertisers were paying for time on the show, and too many large advertisers had asked to get out of their contract for the show as ratings worsened.

Two lunatic fringe censorship groups, The Parent’s Television Council and Morality In Media will no doubt both attempt to take credit for the downfall of the show. But, neither were any factor in the downfall of the show, which was plagued by bad critical reviews and audience boredom from a weak and dull script with no real action. It’s another sign of the outright delusions of these organizations that either may think that they had any influence on the failure of the show. I’ve seen at least news release today giving supposed credit to Morality In Media for killing the show. But, that hardly squares with the real facts here. Another low rated NBC show, FREE AGENTS is right on the bubble of cancellation as well, and Morality In Media or the PTC sure can’t credit for that either.

I’m just not sure what NBC was thinking when they decided to add this show to their schedule. The idea just never seemed good to me and my first hunch was that the show would likely be a quick failure. I was right about that. It seems like a know a thing or two about TV after all.

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