ESPN Pulls Hank Williams Jr. From MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL After Obama/Hitler Comments On FOX

Never one to shy away from outspokenness or controversy, outlaw styled country music star Hank Williams Jr. found his theme song pulled from ESPN’s MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL coverage after he made some comments earlier in the day in a FOX news interview comparing President Obama to Adolf Hitler, and also told viewers that he didn’t like any of the current crop of Republican candidates for president either. A spokesman for ESPN announced that the trademark Hank Williams Jr. theme song, “Are You Ready For Some Football” would not air Monday before last night’s broadcast because of the network being very unhappy at some of the comments that Hank Williams Jr. made earlier in the day on the FOX broadcast.

Hank Williams Jr. also compared the president and vice president to the Three Stooges, which is an interesting comparison since most people only count two persons here and not three.

Part of the reason that Hank Williams Jr. was invited to FOX for the interview is because he has expressed some interest in running for the U.S. Senate form Tennessee as a Republican candidate.

Hank Williams Jr. has had quite a life. He is the son of the legendary Hank Williams, and later followed his father’s footsteps into country music although his own music is largely a mix of Southern rock, blues and traditional country stylings. Apparently, early in his musical career he sometimes referred to himself as Rockin’ Randall, since his real name at birth was Randall, with Hank only his middle name. But his career was nearly ended when he was critically injured during a 1975 hike when he fell 442 feet during a mountain climbing accident and was nearly killed. His signature beard, sunglasses and hat might give him an outlaw look, but it was to disguise all of facial fractures and scars from the accident. But, Hank Williams Jr. has managed to use the new look to his marketing benefit for his new tougher image.

Known as a tough guy Harley motorcycle riding type, many fans love the gritty style of Hank Williams Jr. and love his music as well. He’s won numerous country music awards over the years. Whether the public is ready to elect this guy to the U.S. Senate is a good question, but as usual, in his own no-holds barred style, Hank Williams Jr. managed to stir up some controversy that may take some days to settle down.

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