Infomercial King Don Lapre Found Dead In Jail

Just before he was to stand trial on 41 charges of defrauding investors and customers, TV infomercial king Don Lapre was found dead in his jail cell. Lapre was to stand trial for white collar fraud crimes related to his vitamin business which just didn’t live up to his outrageous claims for the products. Suicide is the likely cause of death.

For years, the boyish-looking Lapre would run some sort of infomercial bragging about how much money he made from his one room apartment. His first ads were for some get rich scheme where persons could supposedly make up to $50,000 a week by running tiny classified ads. David Spade used to parody Lapre on SNL years ago because the ads looked so comical. As silly as some of Lapre’s infomercials were, they still made the boyish Lapre into a wealthy man.

Lapre was an interesting guy. On one hand, you just knew that he was so full of crap. On the other hand, you just had to admire that this young guy who was so motivated with the American entrepreneurial spirit. His enthusiasm and motivation to make something of his life had to be admired, but sadly ended with his downfall into arrest and apparent suicide for widespread fraud.

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