Herman Cain Makes For A Great Interview On Jay Leno

Rising GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain made for an impressive interview segment on Friday’s Jay Leno show. Cain was able to detail his 9-9-9 economic recovery and tax reform package plan to revive the American economy, as well as to impress the public with a partial history of his record as a top CEO of several companies including his role as the chief CEO of Godfather’s Pizza.

Herman Cain has been quickly rising in some late polls, winning an unexpected landslide in last week’s Florida straw poll vote. A new poll by FOX News puts Cain in a solid third place in the GOP race, now just two points behind Gov. Rick Perry. In the poll which was concluded on Sep 27. Cain received 17% support, compared to Romney at 23% and Perry at 19%.

As an political entity, Herman Cain’s fortunes have been rising faster than the crust of a Godfather’s Pizza. Being the only non-politician among a crowded GOP field makes Herman Cain a unique candidate. Cain is able to school all the other candidate’s on any economics question during a debate, and appears to have an interesting economic recovery plan compared to the others in the field.

Whether Herman Cain is just the latest flavor of the week among GOP voters or a real contender for the 2012 GOP nominee remains to be seen. But, a lot of folks like what Herman Cain represents right now. He appears to be a genuine GOP rising star right now.

Herman Cain no doubt won over many viewers of Jay Leno with his impressive interview. He’s a brilliant man, with a strong business resume, who is very likable, who has a real plan for economic recovery.

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