Castle 2011 Premiere Comes Out Strong with Great Ratings

Castle hit its 2011 premiere running strong, which was good news for all of us brown coats hoping Nathan Fillion has finally found a long term show that won’t be preemptively canceled.

And if the rating have anything to say about it (we can only hope they do) Castle will be around for a while. The premier’s  ratings and viewers are up considerably from last year. This means viewers must really like what they are in for in this new season. Take a look at the comparative review numbers from this year’s premiere and last year’s premiere:

  2010 2011
HH rating/share 7.0 8.7
A 18-19 rating 2.7 3.3
Median viewer age 56 57
Total Viewers
10,729,000 13,278,000


So what is the cause of this significant increase over the summer? A great cliffhanger ending, questioning what’s next with Kate and Castle, and the setup for the new season’s twists.

Cliff Hanger Ending of Season Three

By the end of the third season, Castle was ranked about 30th in Primetime Show Averages. Viewers were left with the moment when Kate was shot by a sniper, presumably the same person who murdered her mother. Castle is holding her and thinking she’s going to die. He finally tells her he loves her.

Season Four: Secrets and More Secrets

Of course, Kate doesn’t die and both Kate and Castle start Season four with secrets.

  • Kate lies and tells Castle she doesn’t remember anything after she was shot, mainly that he told her he loved her.
  • Castle doesn’t tell Kate about a phone call warning him that Kate needs to stay away from solving her mother’s murder case, or she will not be safe.

New Characters & More Unsolved Cases

A new character is introduced in the first episode of season four. The late Captain Roy Montgomery is replaced by Captain Victoria “Iron” Gates. She’s a by-the-book cop and doesn’t care about Castle or his connections. This episode doesn’t skip out on the much beloved murder investigations that keep the series going places. This time the mystery revolves around a celebrity chick murdered in her bed while her boyfriend is still in the house. Of course, he claims he didn’t do it. This is the general flow of a Castle murder mystery. However, the celebrity chick murder mystery is continually overshadowed by trying to figure out who shot Kate.

Kate is struggling with men and guns. However, by the end of the episode, she nabs the true killer and cuffs him. Also, Castle has putting off the inevitable by making Kate promise to put her mother’s case on hold for a while as she recovers from her shooting. However, Castle is still in hot pursuit of Kate’s sniper.

Great Movements & Moments for New Season

  • Kate finally breaks up with Josh. Thank goodness!
  • Great love moments between Kate and Castle, like in the hospital.
  • More mystery- Who did Montgomery send files too? And who called Castle about Kate’s involvement in her mom’s murder case?

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