Big Bang Theory Season Premiere

Last Season’s finale ended with Penny and Raj emerging from Leonard’s room in post-coitus disarray. This season showed us the chaos that emerged from that scene. The first episode of the two-part showing started with more than one person upset.

Leonard is predictably upset at Raj for sleeping with Penny, and Raj is still upset about Leonard sleeping with his sister. And soon Howard becomes upset at Raj upon the revelation that he not only used to have a crush on Bernadette, but he wrote some very obvious poetry.

Their differences are resolved in a strategic move by Sheldon during a paintball game, where he ‘sacrifices’ himself to get everyone to play the game. We also find out that Raj and Penny didn’t actually have sex; he got too excited and it ended before it even began. They’re not going to let the whole group know, though.

The second episode illustrated the issues between Leonard and his long distance girlfriend, as well as an issue between Penny and Sheldon and some problems with hygiene differences. Leonard is dealing with how his newly changed relationship will affect a lot of things, including their sex life. They’re trying to figure out how to have ‘the cyber nasty’ and how it will affect their relationship.

During all of the commotion, Sheldon gets upset over Penny’s chair, which she found by the side of the street. He’s convinced he has ‘chair lice’ and that the chair needs to go. He even convinces Amy to take his side and convince Penny to remove it. It doesn’t work, but the chair ends up being thrown out at the end of the episode anyway.

So this season brings up a lot of interesting new questions. With the events between Raj, Penny, Leonard and Priya, it begs the question of what will happen with Leonard and Penny. Lenny fans are hopefully awaiting the two of them getting back together, but will it happen? There’s a good possibility. Leonard’s reaction to the whole incident made it obvious that he still has feelings for Penny, and she was more concerned about his feelings than the embarrassment that she slept with Raj.

Whether they can work things out will be an interesting process. Of course, that means that Priya will have to get out of the picture entirely. With her in India, and especially after her parents witnessing Leonard’s ‘seduction’ via webcam, it is entirely possible that the chance for Lenny will be coming up this season.

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