The Good Wife Season Premiere: Good Gets Better

Season three’s Good Wife is not only good, but happy.

Okay, so she may be the naughty wife now, but it’s soon to be ex-wife, so we’ll look past it. And as aforementioned, Alicia is happy – which is made extremely obvious in the first scene, as she exits the elevator at Lockhart Gardner absolutely glowing. Who can blame her? She went from the cheating and lying politician to the sexy, sweet lawyer. I know I wasn’t the only one cheering at home when she and Will finally kissed and headed up to that presidential suite at the end of last season.

Enter the court case, which I wish would have been a better one, especially because it took away from the Alicia and Will storyline time that I was hoping for. One great thing about it, though, is that Peter got put in his place after being so cocky thinking he’d be able to outsmart Alicia in court. Think again, scumbag. Peter doesn’t know as much as he thought he did and Alicia ends up winning the case. Also, Diane gets after Will for how he has been treating Alicia, telling him that she’s a third year associate now and not to be too hard on her. Later, when the two of them have snuck off for a lunch break rendezvous, Will whispers to Alicia, “I’m going too hard on you.” Take from that what you will, people.

A quick Peter Florrick update – he has a new council member in his office, Sophia – the same one who used to spend a lot of quality time with Kalinda. Honestly, what woman sits like that in a business meeting? You’re in a skirt and you have your legs swung over the arm of the chair. No wonder Peter says, “She’s good and she’s cheap” when he introduces her to the group.

Overall, I felt disappointed that the summer was spent in anticipation about finding out more of what happens between Alicia and Will and then they got glossed over. I wonder if the writers are trying to drag it out even more before giving us the answers we crave. I sure hope not. We’ve waited long enough.

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