Snowman Patent Update

Yesterday, we had a ittle fun joking about a fellow in NY getting a patent on building a snowman. Well, it turns out that the patent holder, Marc Asperas, the patent holder from New York state apparently didn’t receive a patent for building a snowman per se, rather he has invented a new machine that builds a snowman. And Marc is very proud of his new machine, which he tells me, “and it does a good job I might add”. Marc adds that he created this great new invention to spur “creativity” and to bring out “the kid” in all of us. He just wants folks to “have fun”.

We joked about that Marc might use lawyers to sue others for building snowmen yesterday. It was only for laughs. Truth is that Marc is a great guy with a very warm heart who has invented a great item here, for people to have some major league fun. Whether the new patent ever comes to market remains to be seen. But, now Marc has received enough publicity, partially thanks to us that hopefully some company might consider working something out with Marc to market a toy version of the snowman builder at least. C’mon guys, step up and reward Marc for his invention here. Kids would love this toy version! Big kids might like a bigger version. Why not a professional version guys?

Marc also adds that the snowman maker can also build a snow woman as well. That’s fine as long as some guys keep things clean and family oriented and don’t do dishonor to snowman building. But, seriously, the snowman patent looks more and more interesting now that Marc has contacted us and made more clear what exactly his new patent does. We’re impressed, Marc. Sorry about all of the jokes yesterday. Comedy is comedy, you know.

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  • HI PAUL… No probs.  I just cant believe how much interest this is generating!!!  My mother’s house was stormed by media crews 4 days ago.  But seriously, dont confuse me with patent trolls.  I invented something. And you will see more of this come first snow fall.

    Thanks again for the positive feedback!!!

    Peace out!

  • Paul Hooson

    Hi Marc. I’m so happy to hear about all the publicity helping to get this story out for you. Hopefully, your new product gets sold soon to some big toymaker and makes you very wealthy. It sounds like real fun.

    You might try to contact big companies like Hasbro or Mattel and see if they like the idea. It could make a great toy to collect royalties from. The best to you.