Criminal Minds Season Seven Premiere

Aaron and Emily Questioned by Senate CommitteeSeason seven of Criminal Minds was a roller coaster ride, introducing new hooks and an interesting turn of events. The show opens with the group being interviewed by a Senate Judiciary Committee for a last-minute case that left six people dead, including two FBI Agents.

The trial unfolds with each member of the team explaining their actions and standing behind them, with Director Strauss there to provide support (surprisingly). Each piece of the puzzle reveals what happened, and it leaves you guessing until the very end. Without knowing who died and what they did to get into such trouble, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the answer was Doyle.

Morgan has been trying to find Doyle ever since Prentiss’ death, and, even with the enlisted help of Garcia, hasn’t had any luck finding him. Through constant surveillance, they end up finding Doyle and. JJ and Morgan go to his apartment and end up chasing him on to the roof. Right about the same time that Reed and Rossi go to the kid’s house to find the two FBI agents and the nanny dead and instead of letting the nearby sniper shoot Doyle, they use him to figure out where his son is.

Problem is, he doesn’t know. He doesn’t even believe Morgan at first when he asks him where his son is, leading to the conclusion that Declan was kidnapped by his mother. She is selling her son to another of Doyle’s enemies, hoping to draw him out. Reed is the one who suggests the trade, which leads to the death of all three criminals.

Each member of the BAU tells their part in the events with remarkable intelligence, with Reed’s lines some of the best. In the end, they are all reinstated and Prentiss returns, with Morgan upset and confused by her sudden return.

This hints towards a possible romance to bloom between them – either that, or a complete blow out. Which would you prefer?

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