Kim Delaney Rambling Speech Video: Disheveled, Rambling Actress Escorted Off Stage

Kim Delaney Speech

Army Wives actress Kim Delaney was tapped to give a speech at an event honoring former Defense Secretary Robert Gates. He was awarded the Liberty Medal at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. Delaney’s presence there was to talk about her role as an Army wife on her Lifetime television series. Instead she was disheveled and rambling and had to be escorted off stage.

There are some reports that the teleprompter at the event wasn’t working, but I’m not sure that explains her inability to string a sentence together coherently.

Kim Delaney, 49-years-old, has a history of alcohol abuse and many are speculating that she’s relapsed.

You can see Kim Delaney delivering her rambling speech in the video below. We hope this is just a fluke and maybe she was just really, really tired and not as sh*t-faced as she looks like she was.

Kim Delaney Rambling Speech Video

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