Catalonia Last Bullfight Honors Spanish Matador Jose Tomas

Its the end of an era, a 700-year era, as Catalan bullfighting comes to an end. The last contest between man and beast in Catalonia was last night and honored premiere Spanish Matador Jose Tomas. Read more below.

Jose Tomas

Catalonia Last Bullfight Honors Spanish Matador Jose Tomas

I’ve only ever been to one bullfight and I’m pretty sure the bull in that arena provided the tough and inedible steak I had for dinner a few days later. I only ate one bite but ended up with the worst case of food poisoning I’ve ever had (in a foreign country) and was quite sure I was going to die. But I didn’t so I’m here now to tell you that a bullfight is truly a contest between man and beast, between brain and brawn. It was magnificent.

All of that is coming to an end in Catalonia. Animal rights groups have lobbied for the end of bullfighting for years and after 700-years of the bloody sport, they are succeeding. At least they are succeeding in Catalonia, Spain.

Last night was the last Ole! in Catalan bullfighting and the event honored the master Spanish Matador Jose Tomas.

Animal rights activists are celebrating this as the beginning of the end of the brutal Spanish sport. Others say its just political, separating Catalonia from Madrid and has nothing to do with animal welfare.

“The parliament has prohibited bullfights because it is a “Spanish fiesta” — the ultimate symbol of Spanish nationalism,” he said an interview ahead of the bullfight. “The ban has nothing to do with animal welfare.” Indeed, many have questioned how Catalonia can ban “la corrida” while continuing to allow other bull related cruelties, such as the “correbous”, where a bull with flaming torches attached to its horns is chased through the streets.

“They are banning the national fiesta whilst still allowing the Catalan correbous to continue,” Tim Parfitt, British author of “A load of Bull” and a Barcelona resident told the Daily Telegraph. “It is hypocrisy.”

I don’t have a dog in this fight – or a bull in the ring. All I can say is that the Spanish will have to work this out. It is a magnificent sport – but the bull does die in the end and may or may not be fed to unsuspecting tourists making them so sick they think they are going to die. I could be wrong about that, of course.

Catalonia Last Bullfight Honors Spanish Matador Jose Tomas – Video

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