HART OF DIXIE Quickly Goes South

One of the worst new shows, and by worst, I mean very worst, is HART OF DIXIE. Being on the CW network, with it’s historic low ratings doesn’t really help much either for this incredibly lame displaced person romantic comic drama show where Manhattan Doctor Zoe Hart decides to relocate into the deep South. Actress Rachel Bilson, despite her O.C. experience as an actress seems wholly unable to carry the lead in this show, filled with laughable, if not out-rightly insulting one-dimensional Southern stereotypes. The Southern stereotypes are so awful that at any moment you almost expect to see barefoot slaves working the cotton fields or a KKK group riding around on horses. It’s a silly and horrid image of the South, along with the light as a feather acting strengths of Bilson.

Some years ago, Eric LaSalle directed a special episode of ER where he spent some practicing medicine in a remote deep South area. It was a great episode. A Northern doctor practicing medicine in the deep South can really work as a premise as long as the characters aren’t absurd stereotypes like this HART OF DIXIE mess.

The TV viewing audience also sure had every right to expect better than this dreck considering that Josh Schwartz is among the executive producers of this show. Not only was Schwartz responsible for the O.C., but CHUCK and GOSSIP GIRL as well. But, this show is so bad, even a pair Schwartz couldn’t help. The premise is bad, the script is bad, the acting bad. It’s a hopeless show. CW sure missed the mark here.

With so many better shows on Monday night on CBS, or even, God forbid, NBC, to choose from, why someone would choose to waste time on HART OF DIXIE shows little discernment for watching good programming. What a stinker this show is.

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  • Mebeincognito

    I disagree. Could you be any more biased? I think the tv show is cute and while it’s stereotypical in it’s depiction of the South, who really cares. It’s a tv show for entertainment not a documentary. If shows like the Real Housewives and Jersey Shore can exist, then this show is way better than that trash.