The Office Season Premiere Sans Michael Scott

Consider yourself warned: this post has spoilers for the new episode of The Office!


I miss Michael Scott. The show just isn’t right without him. The season eight premiere last night was the first without Steve Carell and they are attempting to fill in for him, but it’s not working. Andy Bernard is great, but I’m not sure how he will do as the new Regional Manager. And Stanley’s new “shove it up your butt” tagline doesn’t even come close to Michael’s “That’s what she said!”

In other news, Pam and Jim are having another baby, but this time it’s a boy. Angela is also pregnant but we don’t know if it’s a boy or girl yet. Wouldn’t it be interesting if this ends up actually being Dwight’s baby instead of her now husband, the senator? At one point Dwight and Angela did have a contract to have a baby, Angela has a history of cheating on men with Dwight, and wasn’t it implied that the senator played for the other team? I would love if it turned out she is carrying a Shrute baby.

Robert California (James Spader) was set to be the new Regional Manager until he decided that the CEO position, formerly held by Jo (Kathy Bates), suits him better. He hung out in the conference room for most of this episode, but caused a stir when he divided up the office with “the list” of winners and losers. It caused an uproar but was apparently a motivational lesson to have the winners prove him right and the losers prove him wrong. I’m not sure about this, but who am I to question a man who talked a CEO out of her job?

And if this is my inner-romantic coming out, forgive me, but I think the best moment of the show was when Jim leaves a list of his own for Pam with her, Cece, and the new baby on one side, everything else on the other. These two are my favorites.

Finally, I turn to you on this one, readers. Can anyone explain to me why Toby just up and left the “winners” luncheon? No matter what the reason was, somewhere Michael Scott was celebrating that Toby realized he wasn’t part of the “winner” group.

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  • Paul Hooson

    It has to be a difficult season of audience adjustment for fans of many shows this year. CSI with Ted Danson. THE OFFICE with James Spader. TWO AND A HALF MEN with Ashton Kutcher. All three are name brand stars, but whether they can carry the heavy load for their name brand remains to be seen. Likely, at least TWO AND A HALF MEN has already jumped the shark for many fans, where it’s only downhill from here. Steve Carell was at least a true comic actor. James Spader is simply an oddball actor with a volatile personality. Ted Danson is quirky enough in an intellectual way, that he might be a good shot to carry on CSI with good numbers for a few more seasons. But I miss BECKER. That was Danson’s best role by far. That was an excellent comedy up until the last season where the show jumped the shark because of some unhealthy cast changes.

  • I thought they would explain why Toby walked out, that was just odd.