Parenthood: Families are About Love and Awkwardness

After an exciting season premiere last week, I found this “Parenthood” a bit slower in comparison. However, there were some good moments and you know it’s all building up for next week’s episode, which looks like it will be an eventful one. Let’s look back at the top four scenes from the episode NBC decided to call, “Hey, If You’re Not Using That Baby…”

If I help you keep your apartment, will you give me your baby?

Julia is still not over the idea of asking the latte cart girl, Zoe, for her baby. Her poor husband, Joel, makes his best effort to convince her that the most they know about Zoe is her coffee-making skills, telling her that you can’t just walk up to someone and ask, “if you’re not using that baby, can we have it?” But that doesn’t seem to bother Julia. She gives Zoe some free legal advice and you can instantly see the wheels turning in Julia’s head. The two bond and after she saves Zoe from being evicted from her apartment, what does Julia do? Asks if she can adopt the baby, of course! Cease and desist orders and adoption papers are the same thing, right?

You forgot to mention…

Okay, I have to give major props to anyone who has a child with Asperger’s. They have to be some of the most patient people in the world. That said, Kristina needs to calm down. I understand she worries about her son and is extremely emotional right now, but seven emails to his teacher four days into the school year? Relax. Your child made the most sense out of a classroom experience that I have ever heard. My favorite point that he brought up was that when teachers tell students to raise their hand, they don’t say you have to wait to be called on, and yet expect them to do it. Max is so literal, but he is one brilliant kid.

Coffee for her and her “bed buddy”

Sarah and Mark (Jason Ritter) are looking past their 12-year age difference and giving their relationship another shot. The shining moment comes the morning after when her father stops by with breakfast and two cups of coffee for Sarah and her “bed friend.” If he can survive that moment, he’s a keeper for sure! I think it’s a good sign when that is less awkward than Mark asking Sarah to be his date to a wedding in Cabo that is months away. He got a little too ahead of himself on that one.

Bring on Braverman and Braverman!

Crosby spent a lot of time trying to convince Adam that they should go into business together. Because Kristina is having a baby, Adam decides it is more responsible to go for the soda distribution job. When Crosby meets with the studio landlord, he starts faltering and Adam turns on his sales exec charm and helps Crosby out more than he originally intended. Adam seems to forget all the reasons why he shouldn’t do this and is suddenly in business with his brother. We’ll see how long it takes for him to regret it (or for Kristina to punish him over it).

Drew, Jasmine, and Sydney were off this week, doing whatever it is that TV characters do when they’re not on-screen. Amber made a short appearance near the end, just long enough to give her mother permission to date her former teacher. At least she put a hat on this week to hide her ridiculous hair. I’m looking forward to next week’s episode, especially to find out why the coffee cart girl won’t let Julia buy her baby.

Here’s the quote of the week, this time from Joel: “You can’t just go rogue on me and hammer out a deal at the coffee cart.”

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