Maria Bello Dominates the Series Premiere of Prime Suspect

This is one of those shows that I knew was either going to be really good or really bad. I’ll be honest – I was worried. After the premiere, I believe it has some potential and I’m hoping it continues to build up.

Based off of a successful British series, starring Helen Mirren, “Prime Suspect” had some high standards to live up to. Without Maria Bello, I don’t think this show would be able to make it off the ground. Bello does the Detective Jane Timoney character justice – she’s smart, abrasive, isn’t afraid to go after what she wants at work, and can take a punch like no one I’ve ever seen. And on top of that, she made those face lacerations look good.

There’s a soft side to her at times, but usually there’s a reason for it. Relating with a young boy about what he’s drawing helps Jane gain his trust. This ends up getting an answer out of him for her murder case. The other officers had tried this route and hit a dead end, but not only did she get the answer, she was smart enough to cover her basis so the information would stand up in court. She also “deputized” a shelter employee, making him feel important. He later calls her with information leading to the killers whereabouts, showing again that her kindness paid off.

Jane is a recent transfer to this all-male homicide detective department, and you can instantly tell she will have an uphill battle to stay in this “man’s world.” I give her credit – she holds her own with them and goes after what she wants, no matter what. Not even the death of a fellow officer stopped her from fighting to head up the murder case. She proves herself with accurate theories and solving the mystery, but you know she is far from winning over the group. Her prickly know-it-all attitude even prompts one of her fellow officers to ask her, “Do you ever worry someone might drop a house on you?”

I love a good Wizard of Oz reference in show about the NYPD, one of the toughest police forces around.

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  • Paul Hooson

    NBC’s crime shows are usually really good, witness the LAW & ORDER franchise. This new show looked pretty good to me as well. As good as any LAW & ORDER franchise show, except for maybe the original LAW & ORDER or SVU.