Cassidy Gifford Makes Fashion Runway Debut (Photo, Video)

Cassidy Gifford

Another celeb spawn is getting some spotlight because of her celebrity parents. Its not that Cassidy Gifford isn’t gorgeous. She is. Its not that she didn’t do a great job doing on the fashion runway at ‘Evening’ by Sherri Hill for her Spring 2012 collection at the Trump Tower-Grand Corridor in New York City. She did a great job.

It’s that she’s somewhere between 5’3″ and 5’4″ which means she’s diminutive compared to the other women on the catwalk. If you watch the video of Cassidy Gifford’s runway debut below you can easily pick her out of the group of otherwise look-alike women walking the runway. She’s the short one.

Whatever. She did a great job. Her mother was there with friends making wise-cracks and being supportive of her little darlin’.

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Cassidy Gifford Makes Fashion Runway Debut – Video

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