Unbelievable! Disgraced Pastor Ted Haggard & Gary Busey To Appear On WIFE SWAP

Holy Christ! Disgraced Pastor Dan Haggard and off-the-wall born again Christian actor Gary Busey are going to appear on ABC’s WIFE SWAP, swapping wives for two weeks. Even more outrageous, apparently the show is scheduled to be filmed at the GLBT Pride Center in Colorado Springs on September 22. You can’t make stuff up this outrageous.

For his part, former New Life Church Pastor Dan Haggard fell into disgrace and resigned from his church after a scandal involving an ongoing affair with a male prostitute and his use of crystal meth. Gary Busey, by contrast, is considered to be one of the most goofy actors out there, but is a well known figure over at TBN for his religious witnessing. Jesus himself must feel mighty proud having these two characters represent him. With a witness like this, who wouldn’t want to be a Christian?

ABC’s WIFE SWAP has apparently now confused having celebrities on the show with making the show into a mere sideshow attraction.

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