Katia Marie Davis, a 44 year old mother of a player on a high school-aged hockey team has been arrested for having sex with players on the team as well as engaging in other lewd acts with the players. I’ve heard of supporting your team’s morale, but this is ridiculous.

Apparently, the crimes actually happened six years ago. But, only in recent days were charges filed. Davis remains free after posting $25,000 in bail.

As ridiculous as these crimes are, it seems nearly as ridiculous that it only took six years for some victim to come forth and now report the crimes. Yeah, who wants to go to trial when the event is fresh in your mind and you can remember the facts, right? Even more ridiculous is when some dead priest is accused of some sort of abuse that happened 20 or 30 years ago, and not able to defend himself in a court of law. This is usually part of some civil lawsuit against some church, putting one party at a clearly unequal level in any hearing or trial. But, that’s a whole other issue.

In the case of this outrageous hockey mom case, there’s a lot of WTF to go around. Why did she do what she’s accused of and why did it take so blessed long for some victim to step forth? You can’t make up stuff as stupid as this.