Christina Vavra: Prostitute Nabbed After Cops Use Toy Penis in Sting Operation

Christina Vavra

Christina Vavra Mugshot

It has to be horribly humiliating to be a prostitute who will do blowjobs for $20. Then you add to that getting arrested for prostitution. Then, even worse, you get nabbed after cops use a toy penis in a sting operation to convince you they aren’t cops and you’ve given the rubber sex-toy penis a blow-job. THEN, worst of all, your arrest makes international news, along with your mugshot, because its really kind of humerous that you got tricked giving a trick to a rubber penis sex-toy. Life is just not fair sometimes.

That’s what happened to 31-year-old Christina Vavra in Sarasota, Florida. Does she look 31? She looks at least 20 years older than 31 to me – maybe its her profession that has aged her.

Apparently, cops aren’t allowed to show their genitals to prostitutes, so hookers have learned to ask to see them before believing that they aren’t cops. So this vice-officer had a flaccid rubber sex-toy penis on hand to use to dup her. When she asked to see it, he pulled that toy out and she started giving him head. That was interrupted by an opossum that was crossing the street (how often does THAT happen) and he had to slam on his brakes to keep from hitting it, interrupting her business.

Long story short, they ended up at a 7-11, she told him what she’d charge for a blow-job and he called back-up and she was arrested.

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