Ceri Rees Video: X-Factor Cruelty for Ratings Criticized by Celebs

Ceri Rees

Ceri Rees was on Britain’s X-Factor for the 4th time and her performance hasn’t improved even a little bit, but that didn’t stop the producers of the show from giving her audition a sixth of the entire show. The humiliating audition lasted for an excruciating 7 minutes and 11 seconds. The only reason for that would have been for the entertainment of the views at the expense of the 54-year-old Ceri Rees. Cruel and about as low as a show can go.

British celebrities are criticizing the producers of X-Factor for what is being viewed as exploiting Ceri Rees for ratings.

Lily Cooper said, ‘Kerry (sic) from Bridgend, they shouldn’t have aired that audition, she’s clearly ill.’

Lorraine Kelly said it was uncomfortable to watch (and it IS). She went on to call Ceri a ‘poor wee soul’. Richard Madeley said the show had crossed the line.

When I watched the video I cringed. I just don’t think watching someone being taken advantage of and humiliated is entertaining.

You can watch the Ceri Rees video below.


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