Morality In Media Couldn’t Stop THE PLAYBOY CLUB, But Bad Ratings Sure Can

NBC’s new show about THE PLAYBOY CLUB in the 60’s opened with horrible ratings last night, drawing only around 5 million viewers last night, with just 1.6 million in the important 18-49 demographic. All of this means that a drama based off a nightclub scene 50 years ago had little mass appeal to most viewers except a few viewers well over 50. These dismal ratings probably had nothing to do with pressure campaigns to stop the show or the fact that a single Salt Lake City Utah NBC affiliate refused to air the program.

A religious screwball organization, Morality In Media, even started a national campaign against the program falsely claiming that NBC was intending to put pornography on network TV. Morality In Media has a long history of raising donations through outrightly false allegations and misrepresentations, and has to rank as one of America’s most sleazy nonprofit organizations by far. Despite this history, some members of Congress favorable to this organization have managed to put pork barrel funding in the way of public grants to this organization some years. You tax dollars at work.

But, the bad ratings for THE PLAYBOY CLUB might well be heading for doing just what the Morality In Media nuts couldn’t do…….eventually closing THE PLAYBOY CLUB show. A show where a few wealthy key owners sit around a nightclub 50 years ago that features jazz musicians has nothing in the way of a plot or action. This show is dullsville, man.

I have a friendly relationship with some executives over at NBC who fill my Email box almost each day with fresh tips and buzz about their shows. But, I call them as I see them. And right out of the gate, THE PLAYBOY CLUB is troubled with poor ratings that need to improve or the new show is going to be a quick cancellation.

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