Alice Cooper Back Again With WELCOME 2 MY NIGHTMARE

70’s era shock rocker Alice Cooper is back again with a brand new digitally recorded sequel to his 1975 album, WELCOME TO MY NIGHTMARE. 2011’s WELCOME 2 MY NIGHTMARE consists of 14 new tracks, with Halloweenish titles such as “Ghouls Gone Wild”, “Disco Bloodbath Boogie Fever”, “Nightmare Returns” and more off-the-wall creepy goofiness. Bob Erskin. longtime audio producer is back again for this latest Alice Cooper outing, which isn’t too bad overall.

Alice Cooper has always been a sort of set of contradictions. His rebel image contrasts with his real life as a Christian and a Republican Party leaning voter. He’s had former problems with alcohol and other personal demons, but he’s overcome those long ago and remains a popular and well liked public figure, although most of his popularity has long since waned. In recent times, he’s toured with shock rocker Rob Zombie.

Alice Cooper’s latest outing is hardly a bad one. He’s still got it. And the musicianship is very fine on this album as well. Even pop star Ke$ha makes a cameo here. Not half bad. Welcome back, Alice Cooper…..

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  • Wow do you get paid for your lame half assed reviews.  You know if you did your homework you would realize Alice does’nt really talk about politics and is against artists supporting politicians.  I also think your comment about  most his popularity  being long since waned shows no class and ignorance.  He is still very popular and does world tours every year. If he wasn’t popular the wouldn’t keep booking him.