CREATURE Makes History For Worst Box Office Opening Ever

The low budget horror film CREATURE has now officially broken all box record history as the worst opening film ever. Although opening in 1507 theaters nationwide, the film had only an average of six people per theater buy tickets to the movie. It brought in a pathetic $331,000 so far in ticket sales and has become one of the worst reviewed films of the year so far, drawing a terrible 11% critical approval rate from film critics. Even the current Congress now gets at least a 13% approval rating.

Without a real public media campaign to support the film, the producers hoped that word of mouth would sell the film. It certainly did not. Further, the film is so bad that it’s being compared to some of the worst of 1950’s grade Z horror films such as those from Ed Wood and other horrid filmmakers.

Fans of horror movie actor Sid Haig also have to be very disappointed as well, as this movie has so far become his biggest flop to date. Sid Haig has a long TV and movie career and once played one of the henchmen of the criminal King Tut on the old 1960’s era BATMAN TV series. Since that time, Sid Haig has become a cult figure of sorts playing the evil twisted clown, CAPTAIN SPAULDING, in Rob Zombie’s HOUSE OF A THOUSAND CORPSES and also reprized a role in THE DEVIL’S REJECTS as well. However a string of less successful projects including CREATURE haven’t done the 72 year old actor a lot of good in recent times.

Maybe the makers of CREATURE confused the concept of horror movie with horrible movie, not really understanding the fine differences between the two.

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